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Feature Article

Healthy, Natural Foods are Affordable


Making healthy food accessible and affordable for everyone has been a focus of Down to Earth since opening its first store at Wailuku on Maui 35 years ago. The idea is that whole, minimally processed foods often cost less than highly processed foods--laden with fat, sugar, additives and preservatives--because the cost to produce, package, and market them is much less.

Now, a study by the USDA confirms that healthy food can be affordable and can cost less than unhealthy food. The researchers defined healthy food as food that helps a person meet the USDA nutritional guidelines. This includes vegetables, fruits, grains, protein and dairy. They defined unhealthy food as food which does not help a person meet the nutritional guidelines, or which has high amounts of saturated fat, added sugar or sodium.

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Health Tip

Your Brain on Berries


There’s something delightfully sweet about a fresh-picked strawberry, still warm from the sun, or a summer picnic with blueberry cobbler and ice-cold raspberry lemonade… However you use them, the summer season is the time to shine for berries of all varieties!

If it isn’t enough that these juicy jewels of summer taste great alone and in all kinds of dishes, berries are also nutritional powerhouses, full of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. The latest research focuses on the role of berries in slowing cognitive decline in older adults.

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Veggie Quote

“When making food choices, consumers may need to consider the entire cost of their diets. Cheap food that provides few nutrients may actually be “expensive” for the consumer from a nutritional economy perspective, whereas a food with a higher retail price that provides large amounts of nutrients may actually be quite cheap.”

-May 2012 USDA Report, Economic Research Service

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Vegetarian Recipes

Featured Recipe


For your cooking delight we are bringing you our monthly cooking class recipes:

Feature! Homemade Cheddar Veggie Burgers

Additional tasty recipes:

Mango Black Bean Salad

Superfood Smoothie

Caramelized Onion Dip

Raw Lemon Tart

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