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In The News

Down to Earth Kapolei Celebrates Grand Opening July 2nd!

InlineNew 10,000 Sq. Ft. Location Will Be Company's New Flagship Store; Day-Long Celebration to Feature Events, Live Entertainment, Sale Offering up to 50% Off

Down to Earth will celebrate the Grand Opening of its sixth store in Hawaii at Kapolei Commons on Saturday July 2, 2011. The new 10,000 square foot Kapolei location will be Down to Earth's largest store and employ 50 people. It will be the company's new flagship store.

“Our expansion is in response to consumer demand,” says Mark Fergusson, Chief Vegetarian Officer of Down to Earth. “Customers from Kapolei and Makakilo have been asking us to come to their neighborhood for years. We’re thrilled to be able to do that as our mission is to help improve the health of Hawaii’s island communities." Read more »

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Feature Article

Are GMOs Safe To Eat?


Since the dawn of time, human beings and animals alike have asked the question every day, “What should I eat?” We need to know not just what tastes good, but what is good for our survival and for our long-term health. We employ our sense of smell, taste, sight and touch, our intelligence, our knowledge of cause and effect and our culture to help us decide what to eat.

These days, most people think the answer is pretty simple. To the question, “what should I eat?” the answer “anything in the supermarket” would satisfy most. But what if 75-90% of the food in the supermarket had been changed on a molecular level in a way you couldn’t detect, and which had largely unknown and potentially dangerous side effects? Wouldn’t you want to know? Wouldn’t you want a choice? Read more »

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Health Tip

Ways to Avoid Genetically Modified Food


Much of the food in the supermarket today is made with genetically modified ingredients or GMOs. As a consumer you can avoid GM food in several ways:

1. Buy foods labeled “100% Organic.” U.S. law prohibits genetically engineered food or ingredients in products labeled 100% organic. However, if processed or packaged food is simply labeled “organic” then it can contain up to 30% genetically modified (GM) food. “Organic” is fine for single food items such as produce.

2. Look for "Non-GMO Project Verified” label on product packaging. Down to Earth strongly promotes the organic industry, whose products are produced without GMOs. Until recently, selecting foods labeled Organic has been the only way customers could avoid non-GMO foods. However, organic certification covers how a food is grown, not the content of the food itself. And, since food production has become increasingly compromised by cross pollination and cross contamination in processing and handling, even organic certification does not guarantee that a product is GMO free.
Read more »

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Veggie Quote

“Any scientist who tells you they know that GMOs are safe and not to worry about it, is either ignorant of the history of science or is deliberately lying. Nobody knows what the long-term effect will be.”

Geneticist, David Suzuki - giving the 2008 Commonwealth Lecture in London

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Vegetarian Recipes

Featured Recipe


For your cooking delight we are bringing you our monthly cooking class recipes:

Feature! Creamy Asparagus Pesto Pasta

Additional tasty recipes:

Easy Eggless Quiche

Banana Coconut Spelt Muffins

Roasted Seed Trail Mix Bars

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